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Science Hill Inn
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About Science Hill Inn
Welcome to Science Hill.  Its history as an outstanding preparatory school ran from 1825 until 1939.  During that time, girls came from all over the nation to learn and enjoy its quiet dignity.  

Today Science Hill is best known for its dining room- a restaurant in the finest Kentucky tradition.  May we offer you the warmth of the hearth and the best of the kitchen with the hope you will return often.    

cookbook including many of the dishes served at the Inn was compiled for your pleasure and is available at the hostess stand, along with many other gift items.  Thousand and thousands of people for over 175 years, have enjoyed the hospitality of these walls.  We hope in some small way, you will too.

            Donna Gill               Executive Chef
Ellen Gill McCarty               Chef De Cuisine
              Terry Gill               Proprietor

Historic Science Hill Inn
525 Washington Street
Shelbyville, Kentucky 40065
Committed to providing a dining experience like no other!